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Jun 22 2010

blast off

i have a tiny break here at induction – whoop! here is the news of the hour:

my school was the third highest performing elementary school in the state of california last year. yes, those of us who will be working with any rocketship school felt extremely proud when our ED emily bobel was sharing that information with the entire 2010 corps — but i know that i in particular also felt the weight of my responsibility crashing onto my shoulders in that moment. first of all, if we were third last year, we should continue pushing until we are first. why wouldn’t we? our kids deserve it, and the nation needs to see it. secondly, who are the punks at #1 and #2? it’s on!

okay fine, it’s not a competition, and i actually want to visit (or talk to) teachers/principals at those schools if at all possible to get a sense of what they’re doing and how we can improve similarly.

but really though, queremos alcanzar el puesto primero, y trabajaramos para hacerlo. :)

also, i am trying to turn over a new leaf in life in terms of my morning habits (code: i want to actually be a functioning human before noon), so i’m waking up at 6 every morning at induction and doing yoga with other corps members! so far it’s great! i am granola!

more than that, as you can probably tell, i am invigorated and enthusiastic about what’s to come. i KNOW that institute is going to rock me hard, but i’m finally at a place where i REALLY — honestly, genuinely — welcome that.

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