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Jul 08 2010

if i can learn to do it, you can learn to do it

things you can do during institute:

completely re-do most of your lessons by the time you actually teach them

meet amazing, adorable, eager kids

meet said kids’ parents and talk to them in somewhat broken spanish

learn to kind of like being referred to as “miss!”

make a fool of yourself for the sake of teaching kids

stare the achievement gap in the face [of a functionally illiterate 12-year-old]

teach in schools that are 99% segregated

survive and even thrive sometimes on 2-5 hours of sleep a night

have a blast meeting corps members from all over the country

find qualities and abilities in yourself that you never knew were there


hate your life a little bit every time you eat the SAME FOOD in the cafeteria EVERY DAY

love your life a little bit every time the cafeteria lady says “how are you sweetie?”

make a long-distance relationship work

wonder how on earth you’re almost done with 2 of 5 weeks already

struggle with management one day

find a classroom personality that works for you the next day

wonder when your next giant failure will come

make a difference

my placement principal is coming down from san jose (with the other rocketship principals) tomorrow, and she’ll be observing me while i teach! cross your fingers that our success from today carries over into tomorrow (:

to anyone on this site because you’re thinking about applying for tfa: yes. it is worth it. it is HARD. you can do it.

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