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Jul 11 2010

bieber strikes again

i totally forgot to mention my highlight of the day from friday. during our last non-academic “academic intervention time,” i was leading the kids in some last culture-building activities to help them realize that they have a lot more in common with each other — and are a lot more unique from one another — than they realize. i used an activity we always did at fish camp and new student conferences called “stand up, sit down,” which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. if i read a statement that you identify or agree with, you stand up. when i tell you to, you sit back down. this way the class can kind of get a “big picture” feel for their likes, interests, experiences, etc.

anyway, a few questions in i said “stand up if you think justin bieber is cool!” i was actually pretty surprised when none of them stood up; i thought the biebster was all the rage in all kinds of neighborhoods across these 50 states. anyway, i moved on to other things, like “stand up if you like soccer” and “stand up if you think 7th grade might be kinda hard.” when i said “stand up if you KNOW you’re going to learn a lot this summer,” i didn’t let them sit down until everybody was standing. high expectations, encouragement, etc.

i’d totally forgotten about the bieber question until the very end of the school day, when one of my most eager and hardest-working students, S, waited at the end of the line to talk to me. “ms. garnett, i wanted to tell you something,” she started out. i was expecting to hear about the optional homework she’d completed; instead i was hit with “i do have bieber fever.” she then pulled her binder just barely out of her school bag to reveal a large, glossy image of the bieb, complete with gigantic hearts all around his babyface.

bahahahahaha. it was perfect. SHE is perfect.

let the planning continue…

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