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Jul 15 2010

today, this is all the data i could ever need

July 15th

To: Ms. Garrnet
From: S

Ms. thank you for the note and i would love to talk about college with you soon I am intersted in knowing what is college really about and how I can inprove to be set on the right path to college. Also to see what some college expect from students to be able to get excepted into there school or to get a scollership from them.

We could email each other if you would like, my email is ________________ it is my school email but my personal one is __________________ I would love to hear from you



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  1. Robert Krieg

    Oh my god! Maria, I really had no idea what you were doing or what tfa was, but I just finished reading all of your amazing blog entries… twice, and I am in such awe! I always knew you would do something amazing; I just naturally assumed it would be first female president, winner of a Nobel prize, or something equally ostentatious. I unfortunately have not had the pleasure of speaking to you in several years, but i want you to know you have always been in my thoughts. I often marvel at what incredible wrongs you will right, the amazing impact you will have, and the differences you will make in the lives of those you touch. I cannot properly express how amazed I am nor how proud I feel to know someone with your level of passion and strength. I am genuinely happy that you have found this calling and are going to be there for those children lucky enough to be taught by you. I know you will shine beautifully and I have more faith in you and your mission than just about anything else in my life right now. Thank you so much for this blog so we may share this incredible journey with you and for providing us, your friends and fans, the perfect medium to send you all the love and support you might need as you continue to inspire San Jose children and online followers alike.

  2. Betsy

    yay :) you are such a blessing to these children…don’t forget it!!

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