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Aug 27 2010

gonna use my i-statements some

being in the classroom really does make me feel like i’m putting it all together — all of my experiences and beliefs and passions and skills and who even knows what else. teaching is exhausting because it’s ALL of you. every moment. if i let it slip for even a second, my students would slip with me, and sorry, but that can’t happen.

they enjoy shout-outs, which i enjoy about them. throughout class today my student G kept feeling overwhelmed by the assignments, i think, because sometimes i would ask him how he was feeling or what was wrong and he would say “i’m feeling a little nervous” or “i’m feeling a little scared.” i’d encourage him, point to his work and suggest that he write about it, and move on to the next student. at the end of the day, he raised his hand and said “i want to shout you out, for showing us respect.”

in other words, although of course i’m far from perfect, i think the school year is off to a good start :)

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