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Oct 18 2010

thrillerrrrrrrrr, who? who?

[i put some music on youtube while the kids work on publishing their first narrative of the musical selections is michael jackson's thriller, because, why not]

“G, what’s wrong? you look like you’re upset about something.”

“i’m shy.”

“you’re shy?! i’ve been to your house! we’ve talked a thousand times! why are you suddenly shy?”

“…i’m shy because i want to tell you something.”

“oh, okay. well if you want you can just write it down and show it to me, if that makes it easier.”

[G nods]

[2 minutes later]
“ms. garnett!” [G holds up a piece of paper]

“I am part wolf” [written on the paper]

[pause to collect myself/not laugh out loud]

“ooooh. how did you find out that you were part wolf?”

“i don’t know!”

“got it.”

…some days, this job seems fake.

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