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Oct 21 2010

cree-ee-ee-py crawlerz

welp, we had our first lockdown last month, so it was only a matter of time before we had our first [You Teach In An Urban School So You Cannot Possibly Escape A] Lice Crisis. i’m in a 4-day GLAD (guided language acquisition design) training, thank GOD; otherwise i would be panicking on the way to work every morning, considering TWENTY-FIVE ROCKETEERS were sent home today with nasty white creatures mozying through their little scalps and/or ponytails and/or wherever else lice lurk.

it makes me sad for our kids. it also makes me crazy with psychosomatic lice.

in non-disgusting news, my partner teacher and i stopped in barnes & noble tonight to search for workbooks we can use for homework packets and independent practice in-class. not only did i get a FAAAAANCY barnes & noble educator card — i hope you’re pronouncing “fancy” the way my kids do when they tell me that they know how to write their names “fahhncy,” which is why pedro’s name has magically become “redro” — but i also got to talk to their community relations manager about the publishing event i want to hold there in the spring, once we’ve actually had a class book made. he thinks the idea is great, and i’m already getting excited about the prospect of planning the event, pumping up the kids for it, getting donations, everything. whoop :)

so here’s hoping all goes according to plan with the nobes…and that licegate 2k10 is over and done with by the time i return to school on monday. because, to be honest, i would face considerably more difficulty conducting dra testing in a hazmat suit.

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  1. Stephanie

    I have taught in suburban Connecticut …. and can tell you that lice don;t care what side of the achievement gap you are sitting on. :P

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