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Jul 19 2010

sound the alarm!

i will be observing in the classroom of rafe esquith on friday. i will then be asking him questions and soaking up all the wisdom he has to offer me. that is all.

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Jul 18 2010

i teach for J

this kid drives me crazy. my co-teacher and i think he has add, or SOMETHING, because even when we do our best to get him directly involved he’s constantly squirming, calling out, trying to get us off topic, falling asleep. J is a walking paradox: he’s the size of a seven-year-old with the swagger of…

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Jul 15 2010

today, this is all the data i could ever need

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Jul 15 2010

one day, one day, one day

point-blank, it’s easy to feel like a failure here. it’s frustrating to “own the results in your classroom” while wondering all day every day what happened in your students’ classrooms in the years leading up to this summer. it’s exhausting to create rough drafts for lessons that you know will likely need to be tweaked…

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Jul 11 2010

bieber strikes again

i totally forgot to mention my highlight of the day from friday. during our last non-academic “academic intervention time,” i was leading the kids in some last culture-building activities to help them realize that they have a lot more in common with each other — and are a lot more unique from one another —…

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i staggered upstairs at the end of the day — note: yes, teaching in heels is a pretty bad idea — and walked towards my classroom feeling kind of…down. yesterday’s lesson seemed to go SO WELL, and today’s was…eh. (good thing all 3 rocketship principals observed today) anyway, something almost supernatural happened to me the…

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things you can do during institute: completely re-do most of your lessons by the time you actually teach them meet amazing, adorable, eager kids meet said kids’ parents and talk to them in somewhat broken spanish learn to kind of like being referred to as “miss!” make a fool of yourself for the sake of…

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Jul 08 2010

i’d go black and blue…

longer post later. for now, this is institute, with authentic post-bus-nap hair:

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Jul 02 2010

and then you take that love you made

almost two years ago, i mailed my friend mica a letter. she was about halfway through her first semester of teaching as an ’08 bay area corps member, and i had a feeling she could use some encouragement. i also had a lot of questions. i don’t remember what exactly i asked her in that…

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