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Jun 10 2010

…but i’m not the only one

this thing is STARTING. not quite yet for the bay area corps, of course, but certainly for others, such as friends of mine (and many bloggers on this site) who are already knee-deep in their own inductions and institutes, answering their own 5:30 wake-up calls. (i’m sending tidal waves of encouragement y’all’s way. you can…

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Apr 26 2010

number b

today is monday, april 26, 2010. yes, it’s almost 4 in the morning in college station. yes, i’m taking a break from a school project. (yes, chris rock’s “i think i love my wife” is playing on tbs, and yes, i’m embarrassed that i haven’t changed the channel.) in any case, i figure i need…

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Apr 03 2010


i love regina spektor’s music so much that sometimes i don’t even pay explicit attention to the lyrics themselves. the words often wash over me, carried along by the accompanying sounds, and i FEEL what she’s singing whether or not i process it in a cerebral way. last night, while her album “far” was playing…

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Jan 15 2010

living in disaster

for all who may not have heard: text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the red cross international response fund. the charge will appear on your phone bill; the money will help relief efforts in haiti. do it! :) as i’ve observed the national (especially the media) reaction to the devastation in haiti, i’ve…

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Jan 03 2010

you’re the top

here’s a “thing” about me: i actually want to be friends with the famous people i admire. for example, i have this awesome teacher dream in which my students and i all write letters to jk rowling, and she’s so inspired she flies to the bay and leads us in a little writing workshop, and…

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Dec 22 2009

measure in love

“this occupation is only successful when treated as a labor of love, and love requires vigilance.”

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Nov 28 2009


“liberal critics of the reagan era sometimes note that social policy in the united states, to the extent that it concerns black children and poor children, has been turned back several decades. but this assertion, which is accurate as a description of some setbacks in the areas of housing, health and welfare, is not adequate…

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Nov 23 2009

an eye for an eye and the world goes blind

my freshman year of high school, i chose to write a short story as an outside project for my honors english class. the story needed to represent a journey of some sort as a finishing touch to our unit on homer’s the odyssey. titled “colorblind,” my story was about a white girl who was adopted…

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Nov 16 2009

the thing…

there are certain things in life that, once you experience them, you can never escape. like finding an issue you’re passionate about. or having to defend yourself from a particularly nasty insult. or even eating incredible italian food in boston’s north end. well, being home-schooled is one of those things.

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Nov 12 2009

and it begins

november 10. that date was BURNED into my mind about 3 weeks ago, when i left akin & gump llp in downtown austin after my grueling final interview. it was all i thought about in class, at work, on dates (sorry chuck), and during meals. i even had dreams about november 10, dreams during which…

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