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Dec 17 2010

stormy weather

[during arthur's christmas, a ridiculous read-aloud book for which i didn't even really try to assign a real objective other than imparting the idea that good readers read for fun] “ms. garnett? why are you crying?” “if i wanted to talk about that, i would.” the bizarre, and utterly exhausting, fact about this work is…

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Nov 18 2010

be true to your school

first things first: i have posted my first project on donorschoose, so please take a moment to check it out if you’d like to play a part, no matter how small, in closing the achievement gap in my classroom! i would greatly appreciate ANY amount of support, and know that my students would too :)…

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Oct 21 2010

cree-ee-ee-py crawlerz

welp, we had our first lockdown last month, so it was only a matter of time before we had our first [You Teach In An Urban School So You Cannot Possibly Escape A] Lice Crisis. i’m in a 4-day GLAD (guided language acquisition design) training, thank GOD; otherwise i would be panicking on the way…

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Oct 17 2010

i…honestly can’t think of a title.

D is sometimes like a walking shadow. her home life is the stuff of rocketship legend; the story has it that her father, brimming with machismo, once threatened to “call CPS” on the school, and on another occasion actually attempted to run over faculty members with his truck. to be perfectly honest, i had no…

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Oct 09 2010


oh hey blog. i want so badly for my students to find and use their voices as writers this year, and yet — here is the bitter irony — i have been grasping fruitlessly for my own over the past couple of months. it’s hard to know where to begin; my feelings and experiences have…

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Aug 27 2010

gonna use my i-statements some

being in the classroom really does make me feel like i’m putting it all together — all of my experiences and beliefs and passions and skills and who even knows what else. teaching is exhausting because it’s ALL of you. every moment. if i let it slip for even a second, my students would slip…

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Aug 21 2010

waka waka

on the monday of the last day of institute, i woke from my usual bus coma with a start. the people around me seemed to be really, really concerned about something, and it only took me about two seconds to figure out why. smoke. black. LOTS. the street was blocked off. there were at least…

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