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Oct 09 2010


oh hey blog. i want so badly for my students to find and use their voices as writers this year, and yet — here is the bitter irony — i have been grasping fruitlessly for my own over the past couple of months. it’s hard to know where to begin; my feelings and experiences have…

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Sep 01 2010

cry me a river!

“i couldn’t do my homework because…because my brother had a pimple…on his neck…and it was big…and it hurt.” teacher look. D, that is not an excuse for not doing your homework.

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Aug 27 2010

gonna use my i-statements some

being in the classroom really does make me feel like i’m putting it all together — all of my experiences and beliefs and passions and skills and who even knows what else. teaching is exhausting because it’s ALL of you. every moment. if i let it slip for even a second, my students would slip…

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Aug 21 2010

more than a feeliiiing

and it just dawned on me why it was PERFECT that i taught middle schoolers this summer even though i’ll be teaching second graders — some of which are the size of kindergartners — starting this fall. having seen how devastating the achievement gap can be when it’s wreaking havoc on 12-year-olds, i am that…

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Aug 21 2010

waka waka

on the monday of the last day of institute, i woke from my usual bus coma with a start. the people around me seemed to be really, really concerned about something, and it only took me about two seconds to figure out why. smoke. black. LOTS. the street was blocked off. there were at least…

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Jul 22 2010

something something progress

don’t get me wrong, i am not one of the all-stars by any means.

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Jul 19 2010

sound the alarm!

i will be observing in the classroom of rafe esquith on friday. i will then be asking him questions and soaking up all the wisdom he has to offer me. that is all.

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Jul 18 2010

i teach for J

this kid drives me crazy. my co-teacher and i think he has add, or SOMETHING, because even when we do our best to get him directly involved he’s constantly squirming, calling out, trying to get us off topic, falling asleep. J is a walking paradox: he’s the size of a seven-year-old with the swagger of…

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Jul 15 2010

today, this is all the data i could ever need

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Jul 15 2010

one day, one day, one day

point-blank, it’s easy to feel like a failure here. it’s frustrating to “own the results in your classroom” while wondering all day every day what happened in your students’ classrooms in the years leading up to this summer. it’s exhausting to create rough drafts for lessons that you know will likely need to be tweaked…

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